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EDI | Your Solution Partner
We have been at your service since 1996
We have the most widespread EDI network
We specialize in ERP data transfer
We are by your side in E-Government application
Always proud being a pioneer

Sim System About Us

SIM began in 1996 with its services for the internationally accepted norm called EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in the automotive industry.

  • SIM has provided and continues to provide EDI services for data transfers through X25, ISDN, ENX or any other partner on the web and/or over a server
    • For 221 automotive company leaders
    • Technical data for 12 company leaders (CAD/CAM data etc.)
Through its experience and level of expertise over the years, SIM has become the market leader in the services it provides.

Sim News

» Order Management System “SAYS”
“SAYS” is our web-based solution that manages supply orders from the moment they are made to the
» Our quality portals and supply chains for the suppliers of our customers are now open for services.
On July 5th, 2012, our Aka Supplier Portal
» Our "Sim Dispatch Tracking" solution enters its second decade
Our “Sim Dispatch Tracking” solution, which deals with the presentation of order requests in one
Companies connected to via EDI